Marathi/English Speaking

Marathi is an Indo-European language spoken by the people of Maharashtra, India, and is one of the official languages of Western India. Because Marathi is not as widely spoken as languages like Hindi and Bengali, it can be difficult to find places offering formal courses outside of India. However, that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. If you’re interested in learning Marathi, a good way to start is by familiarizing yourself with simple words, phrases, and grammatical structures. You can then strengthen your understanding of the language by reading Marathi texts, watching movies and TV shows in Marathi, and engaging in casual conversation with a native speaker.



There is a need of Spoken English Speaking Course In Mumbai as English is a globally spoken language, so when you want to step out of your comfort zone and explore new partnerships, knowing English becomes a significant part of it. We understand that spoken English courses require a lot of practice and tremendous amounts of support. The English speaking courses that our Institute in Mumbai offers helps brush up the English grammar, vocabulary and speech of each student. Moreover, Mumbai is called the commercial capital of the country. There are many foreign & domestic industries having their base here in Mumbai. So, being the hub of all these industries, it creates a huge job opportunity for the populace of Mumbai. No matter how many job openings are there, there will always be more people wanting those jobs. In this scenario of increased competition for jobs, only those with better communication and spoken English skills along with educational qualifications are selected. This makes it imperative that we learn the required set of spoken English skills to make it to the goal
English is spoken differently across countries and can be difficult to understand at first. If you can read and write English, you can improve your understanding of the language with our spoken English courses in Mumbai. This makes it easier for you to interact with people of all nationalities. With the help of our specially-designed audio teaching aids, you will be able to understand different accents and cultures comfortably. These English speaking courses will also give you the confidence required to communicate with people across the globe. To be able to speak fluently, you need to have a good understanding of the right pronunciation, vocabulary, speech and diction.

  • This course is designed to develop English/Marathi speaking practice. Course covers revision of grammar and practice of forming simple sentences.

  • Here the students are exposed to higher level of grammar and vocabulary. After knowledge of this level, you can communicate in basic Spanish. Deeper practice of grammar pattern, sentence formation and dialogues is given to the students through higher level course material and audio CDs. Our teachers ensure that each of the students learns to speak as well as write simple Spanish. Course is designed as per international syllabus

  • Make introductions and say goodbye
  • Form sentences using the verb 'to be'
  • Understand and say countries of the world and nationalities.
  • Use possessive adjectives in sentences e.g. my, your, his...
  • Use a range of vocabulary to talk about common objects
  • Form sentences using the present simple
  • Form sentences using the possessive 's' e.g. This is Emily's cat.
  • Recognise a range of phonemic symbols and pronounce consonant and vowel sounds correctly in English
  • Use articles correctly in sentences e.g. this, that, these, those
  • Use a range of verb phrases to talk about common activities e.g. drive a car, live in a house
  • Use a range of vocabulary to talk about family